Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Artisan Series: Weaver from Anglesey, Wales

This woman amazes me. Flat out.

This lovely artisan, a Scottish born weaver, creates true works of textile art at her home on Anglesey, Wales. The piece showing here began as the fleece of one of her very own Jacob Sheep, which she and her husband raise. The sheep was sheered by hand, she then handspun the wool into thread and wove the threads together on her home loom. 

As she says, "The colours are the natural colours which occur in the Jacobs fleece; the dark brown and the white are spun and plied on their own, and the speckle is a strand of both plied together - it is a demonstration of the range of colours that can be obtained from one fleece."

This artisan maintains her own website:
As well as an Etsy shop:

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