Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Beauty of Local: Y Cwt Caws

Not all of the people I feature will be local for me, but this one I must, because it holds a special place in my heart. 

Y Cwt Caws is a little company based right close to where I live here in Wales. What exactly is "Y Cwt Caws" you ask? It is Welsh for "The Cheese Hut." It is pronounced " Uh coot cowss," and it represents a small local goats cheese company.

Nigel Jeffries, along with his wife Rhian, are the sole genius and  backbone of this small local produce company. They began three years ago with fifty goats, and a barn converted to a creamery. That's right folks - he raises the goats to get the milk to make the cheese. The reason this particular local company holds a place in my heart is that for the cheese-lover that I am, there is no cheese in the world to compare with this. They make all varieties of goats cheese from feta to soft, almost like cream cheese but softer, to their new line of hard cheese. And they make it better than anyone. Their signature delight is called "Peli Pabo," and is a tub of little round balls of cheese in sunflower oil. I wish I could hand you one through the computer screen so you could have a taste - the richness, the flavour, the texture - all out of this world! 

And definitely out the supermarket.

Their company, almost exclusively, opened my eyes to the possibilities - to what lies out there - when one steps away from the supermarket to explore the vast reaches of the term "local." 

I'm afraid they have no website to view, but take a look at the article written about their company in the North Wales Daily Post, and if you need to contact them, their number is:
01248 410372.

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