Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I'm already thinking about Christmas

There. I said it. Christmas.
Well, if it weren't already the middle of May, and I weren't wanting to make gifts, I'd be okay. But I am, so I'm not.

I am at a loss for what to make people this year. My brother has headed back to Alaska, so I know he's always up for cold weather gear. My sister's in Florida, so something light and airy and made of cotton. My parents are in Tennessee, so they're ok with warm things. My husband's family are in cold weather too, but it's so much harder making things for in laws... So much more pressure to impress. Not that any of it matters anyway - even if I'm buying gifts I feel that pressure.

Even with the stress of what to make, one thing is for certain, I love a handmade Christmas. We didn't have one last year for one simple reason - we could actually afford to buy presents. It had been a few Christmases since we'd been able to buy gifts, so this was a nice change, but now - affordable or not - making is much nicer. I've had a couple grand ambitions - learning to make soap (which hasn't happened), and making knitted socks for everyone (oh I'm learning to knit socks, but if you think I'm going to make everyone things that require a magnifying glass and 86 hours each (sock), I've got news for you! )

So it's back to the drawing board. And, since it's baby season, and I've still got two blankets to make for friends, at least I will be accomplishing something while I ponder. But, I'd better not ponder too long....

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  1. It was so great getting to know you in the etsy forums tonight! I've been thinking about Christmas too! My family is going to do homemade gift baskets with yummy food and a few handmade items like crocheted dishcloths and such. Something to consider maybe although it would probably be a little difficult to ship... good luck!